15 Minute Basketball Ball Handling Workout

Fantastic 15 min. basketball ball handling workout with lots of fun basketball drills. These basketball ball handling drills will improve your ball control! Every drill in this video have a duration of 30 secs. At the end as a final part you have awesome free style dribble that is long 1 minute.

Basketball drills for ball handling are the best way to improve your dribbling skills. Work hard and you will see the results very fast. Don’t get disappointed if you lose the ball, that is completely normal even for the best ball handlers. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone to make progress every day. Listen the ball bouncing from the floor and try to catch the rhythm. It will be easier for you to dribble if you include all of your senses.

Basketball Ball Handling Workout For Youth

Starting point for these youth basketball drills is a low finger tip dribbles. Once you master those drills you can move to some more complex and more intense workouts. The thing is that you can do these drills almost anywhere because of their simplicity. You don’t need the basket or basketball court for practice. You can do it in your garage, in front of your house or in the backyard. Anywhere there is a 1 square meter of concrete floor you can practice basketball dribbling. Basketball ball handling workout can be a fun and useful wherever you are as long as you have the ball.

Basketball Ball Handling Workout

Always dribble the ball with your finger pads, not with your finger tips. Constantly be aware of the height of the dribbling. If you dribble low than be sure that the basketball bounces around your ankle height. When you doing wrap around drills keep your arms wide apart to get the better grip of the ball. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your head up. Don’t look at the ball, look straight in front of you. That way you will be able to get better feeling and you will be aware about everything that is happening on the court. Pound the ball hard against the floor to gain better control.

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