Advanced Basketball Dribbling Drills Using Wall

Advanced Basketball Dribbling Drills Using Wall and Two Balls

This basketball dribbling drill using wall is not for the beginners. It is very hard to do because you need to control two balls at the same time. One on the wall and another one on the floor. To be able to do that dribbling drill you already must have perfect coordination and a proper basketball dribbling skills. You can achieve that level only by repeating some more simple basketball dribbling drills. Check out Basketball Crossover You Tube Chanel where you can see how to start with your ball handling workout. This particular drill is at the final stage and when you are able to do 30 reps with each hand you are ready to go on with basketball dribbling drills in movement which  will be posted here very soon. There is a one more variation of this drill and it will be in my next post.

Advanced Basketball Dribbling Workout

You need to start this drill by facing the wall with your feet 20-30 centimeters (10-12 inches) from the wall.

Dribble the basketball with your dominant hand on the wall first, and your weaker hand on the floor. Push the basketball hard against the both surfaces.

Dribble the basketball with your finger pads not your finger tips!

That way you will gain more control and get the better feeling. At first the ball will tend to go down from the wall and your job is to not to slip the ball, while at the same time you dribble other basketball with your weaker hand against the floor.

The secret is in separating the movements of your hands in your head. You must be able to do different tasks with each hand at the same time. That way you will achieve perfect control and handle over the ball. You simply have no time to look at the basketball while you dribble and that is what we really want.

Doing so you will achieve so great basketball dribbling skills and you will find out that  dribble only one ball in the game is a piece of cake for you. You will become more aware of the situation on the court and that way more useful to your teammates. Not looking at the ball while you dribble will make you better assistant and you will better recognize situations in the basketball game.

Basketball Dribbling Drills for Advanced Players Using Wall

Advanced Basketball Dribbling Drills Using Wall

To your success..

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