Ankle Breaking Crossovers

Ankle breaking crossovers compilation video and training video for basketball players discovering the secrets of nasty ankle breakers. Although the first video is little bit lower quality it was seen by 1,874,374 people. That means you must watch it! Second video is awesome basketball crossover tutorial made in great quality and with serious explanation on how to do ankle breaking crossover. I simply put together those two videos so you can have them in one place and have benefit when practicing your basketball crossover moves. A handful of crossovers done by the best NBA players can only motivate you to work harder, and what is more important, to work smarter. Check out other related posts, and you will find many great advices about basketball training.

 The Sickest NBA Ankle Breaking Crossovers Compilation

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NBA Ankle Breaking Crossover Moves: How to DROP your defender

Fantastic video explaining in detail 3 ankle breaking crossovers from Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Joe Johnson. Learn how to do ankle breaking crossover

Check out This free online training source.  The top 3 ankle breaking crossover moves that NBA players use to break their defenders ankles.

Ankle Breaking Crossovers Tutorial

#3 The In and Out Cross demonstrated by Stephen Curry.

The in and out cross is a quick combo move to get your defender back on their heels.
watch Steph roll the ball in and out with his left hand as the defender switches feet to defend Stephen hit him with a quick cross. Putting the defender out of position.

#2 The Killer Crossover demonstrated by Kevin Durant.

This move was made famous by Allen Iverson and a great move to put your defender on skates. Start by doing a small hop dribble to set up your defender as the shift their weight plant hard and crossover in the opposite direction. We give this move an 8 out of 10

#1 The Behind the Back Pullback Crossover Demonstrated by Joe Johnson.

This is a great move to get big time separation if your defender is riding your hip hard and one of our favorite moves to break someones ankles. Begin with a hard drive then as soon as your defender crosses their feet drop the ball behind your back to get that big time separation. Ankle Breaking Crossovers Youtube.

Ankle Breaking Crossovers

What is your favorite move to break your defenders ankles? Feel free to also leave a comment and I hope you enjoyed. Transcription of the video from You Tube Channel: See more

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