Ball Handling Workouts in Basketball

We can divide Ball Handling Workouts on different types of basketball dribbling.According to this we have different types of basketball ball handling drills. Those drills are used in basketball training and if you want to know more about this subject and find out how to improve ball handling, just read this post.

Ok, lets start!
Basketball dribbling can be divided in couple of categories and subcategories:

By Hand: Right hand, Left hand

By height of a dribbling: Low, Middle, High.

By position: Stationary, Moving.

Moving dribbling can also be divided on:
-Straight line dribbling (usually during fast-break)
-Dribbling with a change of direction ( open court, 1 on 1)

Dribbling with a change of direction also can be divided into subcategories:
-Semicircular Dribbling (Pick and Roll)
-Dribbling with sharp change of direction (basketball crossover, between the legs etc..)
-Dribbling with a twist (Rolling)

Now when we have everything in place, we can set appropriate ball handling drills for basketball.

Ball handling workouts can also be divided in those same groups like above. Also we can say that there are some levels of ball handling workouts and methodology in approach is needed. So we have simple ball handling drills and advanced ball handling drills. Beside that there is a number of warm-up drills for ball handling workout.

Ball Handling Workouts

How to start with Ball Handling workouts?

Ball Handling Workout Warm-up

Those are simple basketball warm up drills with a ball that will prepare your arms and hands for the practice. For example you can start with ball slaps, continue with the up and down finger tips with the basketball, around the head in both directions, around the waist, around the both legs than one leg at a time. than you can continue with figure 8’s. When you done you can start with simple ball handling workout.

Simple Ball Handling Workouts

Most of the times it is a workout that contains stationary basketball dribbling drills or dribbling drills for beginners. You can start practicing with both hands and with any height of a dribbling. Also you can include some straight line dribbling drills and semicircular dribbling drills.

Advanced Ball Handling Workouts

This is a workout that contains basketball dribbling drills in motion. Those are basketball dribbling drills with sharp change of direction and dribbling drills with a twist. Also you can include basketball dribble drills with two basketballs and wall dribbling drills with both hands, simultaneously.

You can also set up your Daily 5 Minute Dribbling Routine, (see video above). Very soon, if you are persistent, you will be able to do those basketball moves with your eyes closed!

Dribbling in Basketball

Dribbling should be done with finger pads and the fingers should be relaxed and spread, The wrist should be pushing the basketball, and the forearm should be moving up and down. Skilled ball handlers bounce the ball low to the ground, reducing the risk of a defender reaching in to steal the ball. Adept dribblers can dribble behind their backs, between their legs and change the speed of the dribble, making the player difficult to defend, and opening up options to pass, shoot or drive with the ball. Read more..

To Your success..

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