Basketball Ball Handling Drills – High Dribble

This is the first video in the series of  basketball ball handling drills. In this short video you can see how to perform high dribble in Basketball.

We can describe it as a part of simple ball handling drills and you can start with it as a worm up for your basketball crossover workout.

Set your feet shoulder wide.

Keep your eyes and head up and don’t look at the basketball.

Keep your shoulder parallel and relaxed  and don’t linger on the side of the ball.

Bend your knees slightly, not your back, to gain stability in your stand.

While dribble, use your finger pads and pound the ball hard against the floor.

Basketball high dribbling should be around your hip height.

Make 30 repeats  with each hand.

Although it may look simple this is one of the most important basketball dribbling drills and you should never stop doing it.

Basketball Ball Handling Drills

If we separate basketball crossover move in a parts, this is the first part of the move.

More stationary ball handling drills will come soon.

I am going to show you everything you need to know to connect those basketball dribbling drills in a best basketball crossover move.

You should always work on your fundamentals.

I am doing this drill with all of my players no matter how old they are.

By doing it so, your average dribbling skills are gonna go up and you will control the basketball like it is a part of your body.

To your success..