Basketball Court Under Snow

My Basketball Court Under Snow

This is the Basketball Court where i started to play Basketball as a kid. Just took a time for a couple of pictures as I was passing by.

Basketball Court under snow

Outdoor Basketball Court Under Snow

Snowy Basketball Court

Snowy Basketball Court

Outdoor Basketball Court Under Snow

Definition of the Basketball Court

Playing surface consisting of rectangular floor with the tiles on each end, in Basketball, is called Basketball Court. There are two types of basketball Courts. Indoor and outdoor. Indoor basketball court is usually made out of highly polished wood or maple, while outdoor basketball court is made out of standard paving material such as concrete or asphalt.

Dimensions of Basketball Court

NBA: 94 ft x 50 ft.  (28.65m x 15.24m)

FIBA:  which is little smaller than NBA, 91’10.4″ x 49’2.6″ , and exactly (28m x 15m)

High School: 84′ x 50′  (25.60m x 15.24m)

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