Basketball Crossover Drills – Push Pull – One Side Dribble

Video for basketball crossover drills as a part of ball handling workout.

This is also one of the basketball handling drills where you are going to improve ball handling.

When you doing basketball drills for beginners you may use basketball dribbling blinders. See picture bellow…

basketball dribbling blinders

basketball dribbling blinders

Basketball dribbling blinders will help you not to look at the ball while you doing crossover drills. If you don’t have one, you can make it by yourself. Just take any ordinary glasses and tape the bottom of the each glass.

This is one of the most important tips for ball handling workout. When you not looking at the basketball your felling for the ball becomes better. It is important that you keep your head up on the basketball court to see what is happening in front of you. You must follow the game, read defensive players moves and be ready to react quickly.

I am using these blinders with all of my players and they are giving a great results in improving basketball skills and drills.

Free Basketball Crossover Drills

You will find  many free basketball drills on these pages and as I promise, you will get all of the basketball crossover dribbling drills to learn how to improve your dribbling in basketball.

Basketball Crossover Drills

Push pull one side dribble is a one of simple basketball drills.

Keep the dribble knee-high and pound the ball hard against the floor. You must twist your palm towards and backwards  when you performing this ball handling drill. This is a push-pull technique. You may use it also for weak hand dribbling drills. Lower yourself in the knees and keep your back straight. Keep the balance of your body on the both legs equally. Check out basketball crossover tips.

Keep combining individual basketball drills for ball handling and very soon you will be ready for more advanced ball handling drills which I am going to post for you.

To Your success..