Basketball Crossover Moves

There is a few ways to combine different dribbling moves with basketball crossover moves. These moves are known as combo moves.

You can set your imagination free and do your own combo moves. Every player is an individual so you will pick the ones which are best suited for you.

Here are some of them. These are the most common ones.

Basketball crossover/layup

This is the most known combo move where you trick the defense player with crossover, pass him, and finish with the layup. After crossover, speed up and make a cut directly to the basket. While you doing crossover dribble keep your head up and read defensive player.

basketball layup

Double crossover dribble

As the name says, it is double. First you make a cross, than you make a cross back. Reason for second one is because defense didn’t react first time so you make a cross back and pass him. You can finish with the layup or pull up jumper. Always watch and read what defense is doing and how reacting to your fake moves.

 Crossovers dribble/between the legs

This is a little bit harder to do. First you make a crossover than you make a cross back between your legs. Very important is that you keep the balance. Make a cut directly to the basket right after you make a cross back between the legs. Stay low all the time. You can also finish with  jump shoot.

Crossover/behind the back

This is the one of hardest basketball crossover moves. You must take care about every aspect of this move. First you make a crossover then you make a cross back behind the back. Advantage of this move is in pulling the ball behind the back where is impossible for the defense to take your ball because is guarded by your body. You must perform this crossover move perfect if you want to pass by the defense. Stay low in the knees and guide the ball with your arm behind the back as long as you can. Keep your body balance. Explode when the ball sit in your other hand and  make a cut to the basket.

Crossover/pull up jumper

Make a crossover followed by the pull up jumper. You got to stay low in your knees. You must stop quickly to do a pull up jumper. In order to stop efficiently you must lower your gravity like you want to sit in the chair. Your bottom must be low. You don’t want momentum  to take you far front. From siting position you go straight in to a pull up jumper.Pull up jumper should be vertical. Don’t throw yourself left or right, back or front.

basketball pull up jumper

Basketball crossover/step back/pull up jumper

Make a crossover move. Step back away from defensive player. Step back move can be left or right side move. Make a pull up jumper. This combo is a killer. If you perfect this move it will become one of the best basketball crossover moves in your arsenal. Read the defense right and you can become unstoppable scoring machine.