Basketball Crossover Tips

Basketball Crossover Tips – How to Improve Ball Handling

On this page you will find Basketball Crossover Tips which are very important because they improve ball handling and help you do things in a right way.


1. Keep your head up while you dribble. Don’t look at the ball. Look at the rim or some spot on the backboard.

2. Pound your ball hard against the floor. Harder you dribble more felling you have.

3. Dribble the ball with your finger pads not your finger tips or your palm.

4. Pay attention to your body balance. Sit in your triple treat position, firm up your back and loose up your shoulders and arms. Your feet should be in parallel position shoulder wide. Bend in your knees not in your back.

5. Imagine vertical line from your nose to the floor. That line should not come in front of your knees.

6. Don’t bounce up and down while you dribble. The only movement in this position is with your hand.

7. Don’t linger on the side of the ball. Keep your shoulders parallel.

8. Basketball dribbling is a main element in basketball training. Be sure to practice every day on your own, outside your ordinary team schedule.

9. Try to remember as many of those basketball tips while you doing your stationary ball handling drills.

10. Don’t be afraid losing the basketball. Push yourself to practice harder and harder every time. If you never lose the ball that means that you didn’t practice hard enough.


Ball handling drills are part of the individual basketball drills. Many time coaches do not have a time to incorporate those drills in every day basketball training. That means that you must DIY.

I hope that those basketball crossover tips will help you in improving your basketball skills.They are a part of simple basketball dribbling drills and must be repeated daily in order to achieve perfection.

Basketball Backboard and Rim

Methodical approach is that you need to perfect these in order to go and practice some advanced basketball dribbling drills like basketball crossover.