Basketball Dribbling Drills – Behind the Back Dribble

Behind the back dribble is a one of the basketball dribble moves which can be combined with couple of different
basketball dribbling moves. If you want to learn how to dribble behind the back and how to do a behind the back crossover you just need to see this basketball crossover video bellow and follow the instructions find in this post.

Behind the back dribble is advanced dribbling drill and it is not suitable for dribbling drills for kids. Your basketball dribbling skills need to be at higher level to be able to perform this drill correctly.

Simple reason for that is that you do not see the ball while you performing this drill.

Many beginners are failing to do this because they do not control the ball good enough if they are not able to see it even with the peripheral sight.

But there is nothing to be worried about. If you stick to the basketball dribbling tips you are going to be just fine.

To be able to do crossovers in basketball you must master front basketball crossover and behind the back crossover equally good. You need to put some effort and be consistent in trying to make perfect basketball crossover.

This stationary basketball dribbling drill will help you to get better feeling for the ball and once you succeed in doing it correctly there will be no basketball dribbling drill which you wont be able to perform.

Put yourself in the parallel stand, lower your knees and sit low on your legs.

If you are not low enough basketball will always hit your bottom. You must make a tunnel-like position with your legs to create the space for the ball. Pound the ball hard against the floor and move your body left-right following the trajectory of the basketball. Turn your palms towards each other and lead the ball with your arms  as long as you can. Try to dribble as wide as you can.

Basketball Crossover

Make 30 dribbles and then rest. Although it may look simple this ball handling drill is very hard so be sure to practice it every day.

Basketball combo moves after you master this drill are endless, for example:

– behind the back/crossover dribble

– crossover/ behind the back dribble

– behind the back/ between the legs dribble

– behind the back dribble/ pull up jumper, etc…

We will be go through every of this basketball crossover moves one by one but first we must work on stationary ball handling drills.

To your success…