Basketball Shooting Drills

There is a zillion of basketball shooting drills. We are going to focus on few ones that are connected to basketball crossover.

Let’s say that your basketball shooting technique is great and you already  have  a proper basketball shooting form.

basketball jump shoot

What can you do to improve your basketball shooting skills?

You have to analyze and decompose your basketball shooting in segments.

So, let’s start from the bottom of it. Your legs.

Not so many people know that legs are the most important part of your body when it comes to shooting in basketball. Majority will say that a good shooter have a great hand. Only because you shooting with your hands.

It is not so difficult to score a basket from standing in place . But what happens when you need to make your shoot after a full sprint running, opening behind the screens, or right after a dribble such as a basketball crossover or any other dribbling moves.

Your legs becoming the most important thing. Your balance coming from your legs. If you want to make accurate  jump shoot again and again you must pay attention to your footwork.

If you need to stop in a tenth of a second and make a pull up jumper you need to have a strong legs and a perfect footwork.

To resume all this. You need to use shooting drills where focus is on the legs.

Practice your step back, left and right, your basketball jab step, stopping in place, jump shoot after  different basketball crossover moves.

But than again you need to separate those drills in segments.

For example: If you practicing step back you should only do a step back while holding a ball in a shooting position. Pay attention on a proper shooting form and just jump without releasing the ball to the basket. Keep your body in balance in the air and after you land on the floor.You can go each at the time.One step back left – jump, one step back right-jump.

I will show you some easy basketball shooting drills like described ones in a basketball shooting drills videos.

You will also get some basketball shooting tips to help you improve your accuracy.

There is no such a thing like best basketball shooting drills. All basketball shooting drills are great.

The only thing which separate one drill from another is a purpose of the drill. Question is what you want to accomplish with them.