Basketball Shooting Techniques – Shooting Basics

In this video we are going to talk about shooting in basketball. There are few different things that needs to be covered in basketball shooting techniques.

– your foot placement
– the rhythm of your feet in order to get into your shot
– from what part of your feet you need to shoot of
– your knees
– your hips
– your elbow
– your hand placement on the ball
– your shoulders and how you want to release the ball

Basketball Shooting Techniques Feet

So the first thing we’re going to cover are your feet. There is a couple different things that have been taught or have been heard in regards to wear your feet needs to be. First, you want them to be about shoulder-width apart. You want you’re shooting foot slightly in front of your other foot. So if you’re right-handed you’re right foot should be slightly in front.

Basketball Shooting Tips Part Of Your Feet You Need To Shoot Of

You wanna be on the balls of your feet. In regards to wear your feet need to point it’s different for everybody. You need to find what’s most comfortable position for you. If you point your feet about 45 degrees to the left, this way it winds your hip and your shoulder and your elbow up towards the basket.

Next, you wanna be on the balls of your feet so your balance is going to be slightly forward. You never wanna shoot the ball flat-footed. This takes away the range and the rhythm. You should be on both feet. When you shoot the ball you want full expansion, so you need to concentrate on getting straight up and down and let the momentum take u forth. If you shooting the ball, be on the balls of your feet, and when you jump you’re gonna come about two or three inches forward, not more. You can faults tension in your ankles and then you’re gonna land on your toes.

When you’re catching the ball to shoot, you’re gonna take 1-2 step. So again if you’re right handed you gonna go left right as quick as you can, very quickly, as soon as you catch a ball right back up. So from catching the ball your feet are gonna look like this. Left-right and then shot. If you are left-handed it’s going to be the other way. It’s going to be right left shot.

Basketball Shooting Knees and Hips

They’re very small and quick steps. Your knees are slightly bent, not way down but slightly bent. You have an explosion up, coming from your knees. Slightly bent, your knees gonna push your hips back. You don’t want them to go down or in front but you want them to go back. Kinda like you’re sitting in a chair. From your hips you move on to hand placement of the ball.

Shooting Basketball Hand placement on the Basketball

There must be an air pocket, an air hole between your palm and the ball. You want to split your front two fingers. Your front two fingers are going to be a large part of your shot release. So when you spread your fingers you gonna get a nice big hand on the ball. You don’t want your fingers close together you want them really spread apart.

That way you gonna get a better control, you get a better feel for your shot or just for the basketball, period. This is the way you’re holding the ball anytime, whether you are shooting, dribbling or passing. Anytime you catch the ball you should keep the ball on your finger pads. The ball is not going to be set flat on your palm but it’s gonna be up on your finger pads. You should be able to slide your fingers inside to create this gap.

With that kind of grip, the ball doesn’t just sit on your fingers. You need to try to grab and “claw” the ball a bit, so you have an nice feel and nice strong grip for the basketball in your hand.

Basketball Shooting Form Elbow

From here we’ll talk about your elbow. Your elbow have to line to the degree of where you get your hand placed on the ball. Let’s talk about hand placement on the ball for your shot. If your hand is in the center of the ball you want your elbow completely in line. If it’s off to the side you’re going to over adjust and you can get your elbow poking out.

Next, you want your elbow to be in line with your hip which is going to be in line with your knee, which is going to be in line with your ankle. You don’t want your elbow out, you don’t want it in you want it to be as straight as can be. As you shoot the ball you gonna push up, so the motion is up, and both of your arms should go up.

Your elbow must be above your eye level. You don’t want to push out. More you pushing out less of the arc you get and less accuracy you get. So lets resume. Your elbow goes up and when it’s above your eye level your forearm and then your wrist are gonna push out and snap forward. On your shot release the strong wrist is a key thing. Especially when you wanna shoot at long distance and have a nice range.

Basketball Shooting Techniques

Basketball Shooting Techniques – Shoulders And How You Want To Release The Ball

Your wrist snap down, out and down. This movement of your wrist is gonna give the ball a distance. When you are finishing your shot, you should release the ball over the two front fingers we mentioned earlier. Those two fingers should point down to the floor when the basketball is released. The ball is gonna roll and its gonna leave these two fingers last in a row.

During the shot release your shoulder is gonna line with your hips which aligns with knees, which aligns with your feet. And again, going back to the importance of your feet. Your feet are the most important part being able to get into a shot and having persistence accuracy. Having precision shooting is being able to shoot the ball the same way over and over and over again.

I think that we are covered some basics when it comes to a basketball shooting techniques. Practice hard and you will succeed.

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To your success…

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