Best Ball Handlers in NBA – Curry vs Irving

Who are the Best Ball Handlers in NBA 2015? Two of the most skilled ball-handlers in the NBA league are going to face off in the Finals. Curry vs Irving! True question is: Does Stephen Curry or Kyrie Irving have better handle? Watch this awesome video bellow, Curry vs Irvingbest ball handler in NBA,  and try to decide by yourself. Crazy handles coming from both sides and this is not going to be an easy task.

Stephen Curry vs Kyrie Irving: Who’s Got The Best Handle?

However, we are here to enjoy in the best basketball ball handling done by the NBA best ball handlers at the moment. We all know that Steph Curry breaks ankles and so the Kyrie Irving does. I guess the answer to the question who has the best ball handling in the NBA and  who has the best basketball crossover will have to wait till the end of the NBA Finals.

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Best Ball Handlers in NBA

Best Ball Handlers in NBA - Curry vs Irving

There is no real statistic to quantify how good a player is at ball handling, until someone like Stephen Curry makes you leap up from your couch after making one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA look silly. Killer crossovers, behind-the-back dribbles and general wizardry with the rock are beautiful things to watch, and the NBA has several guys that are magicians with the ball in their hands.

Sure, for the sake of winning basketball games, limiting turnovers is the aspect of ball handling that is most important. But for this list, style points count too. With that in mind, here are the 10 best ball handlers in the NBA. Read More..

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