Best Ball Handling Workout For Kids

Best ball handling workout for kids! Workout featuring 14 basketball drills. Amazing ball handling workout that will make your kid dribbling with both hands! Check out the video and the list for basketball dribbling drills for kids.

Basketball drills for kids

Sometimes is hard to decide which basketball drills are the best for your kid. It doesn’t mater if you are coaching youth or you just a father who want to help your kid to learn how to dribble the basketball. This best ball handling workout video will show you exactly what are those drills and what are kids capable of doing on the basketball court.

Basketball drills for beginners

With more than 30 minutes of basketball training and exactly 14 drills for kids you will have everything you need. Simple basketball drills for beginners are the best for improving your dribbling technique. They are also great even for the older basketball players because it is always great thing to work on your fundamentals.

List of basketball drills for kids in the featured video:

  1. Basketball Crossovers
  2. Two Balls Dribbling
  3. Two Balls Dribbling:One High One Low
  4. Figure 8’s Dribble
  5. Spider Drill
  6. Behind The Back Crossovers
  7. Windshield Wipers
  8. Two Ball Switch In Front
  9. Two Balls:Between The Legs
  10. Two Balls:Moving Between The Legs
  11. Two Balls Moving:Switching In Front
  12. One Ball Between The Legs
  13. Spin Move Dribble
  14. Getting To The Rim

Best Ball Handling Workout For Kids

Basketball Training Equipment

If you want to go further in basketball training you can always use some special basketball training equipment for kids and beginners. There are numerous items for basketball training that can help in correcting some common mistakes that are happening in progress. For example if your kid constantly looking at the ball and keeping the head down you can use basketball dribbling blinders. I will show you some other things that can be found on the market for the best ball handling workout possible.

Basketball Dribbling Blinders
Unique design helps condition players to dribble and handle the ball without looking down. Does not interfere with shooting.
Basketball Dribbling Blinders

Unique Sports Dribble Specs

Hoop Harness Basketball Shooting, Dribbling and Passing Training Aid
The Hoop Harness Basketball Shooting, Dribbling and Passing Training Aid helps basketball players work their weak hand in shooting, dribbling, and passing skills so they can be more ambidextrous and well rounded on the court. The comfortable Hoop Harness Basketball Training Aid straps around the players waist and restrains the strong hand, forcing him or her to do all of his or her basketball handling with the weak hand. Use for your best ball handling workout!

Hoop Harness Basketball Shooting, Dribbling and Passing Training Aid

Hoop Harness Basketball Shooting, Dribbling and Passing Training Aid

Ball Hog Ball Handling Gloves For Basketball
Become a better ball handler. Improve your ability to catch the basketball.

Ball Hog Ball Handling Gloves For Basketball

Ball Hog Ball Handling Gloves

Naypalm Dribbling Aids
Improve Your Dribbling. Strengthen Your Fingers. Move Better With The Ball. Dribble And Shoot With Fingers Only. Improve Weaker Hand and have best ball handling workout.

Naypalm Dribbling Aids
Naypalm Dribbling Aids

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