Best Crossover Moves – Allen Iverson Crossover

If you want to learn how to do best crossover moves you got to do it from the best. Allen Iverson Crossover move is considered the best crossover move ever! If not the best, this crossover move can take the high place on the list of top 10 crossover moves in history of basketball.

In the above video you can see all the secrets behind Allen Iverson Crossover. Explained in detail, there are 3 key points you need to do if you want to do it right.

Allen Iverson crossover move was so deadly that defenders was “falling” on it almost every time, no matter that majority of them knew what is going to happen. You should concentrate on 3 simple things that are important considering your footwork and make your best basketball moves effective when it comes to ankle breaking your opponent. Let’s see how you are going to ankle break your defender and “sent him to a hospital”, or maybe in a house of shame!

Best Crossover Moves - Allen Iverson Crossover

When we summarize those basketball moves to learn the crossover, there are are 3 important things and everything starts with the long outside step. Notice in the video how Allen steps out wide making defender believe that he is going to the left. When you are able to do this this long outside step next thing important is that you keep that leg locked and loaded which will help you to better spring off in the completely different direction. You got to keep the crossover dribble low, under your knees level, making impossible for your defender to swipe the ball with his hand while he sliding by. Final move is that you need to explode with your hips right by his hips and find the shortest cut to the rim. To make this move even more effective you should lower your shoulders over the knee while your leg is extended. That will really make the difference and this can become one of your best crossover moves! Concentrate on this 3 main things next time you are practicing or performing crossover on the basketball court.

Best Crossover Moves Summary

#1 Make the long outside step to persuade your opponent that you are really going in that direction.

#2 Next thing after your long step is to make sure that front leg is locked and loaded which will enable you to spring back in the completely different direction.

#3 While performing crossover keep the dribble bellow your knee level. Reason for that is to unable your opponent to swipe the ball out of your hands while he’s moving in the opposite direction.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about Allen Iverson Crossover and the best basketball crossover moves! If you liked this post and find it useful please share!

To your success..

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