Best NBA Crossovers – Playoffs 2015

Enjoy in the Best NBA Crossovers of the Playoffs 2015 in the Top 10 NBA crossovers countdown. NBA best crossovers for this season are finally here!

Starting with Damian Lillard on the No.10, from Portland Trail Blazers, and his rolling crossover finished with the reverse layup. Kyrie Irving sits on the position 9 in the countdown with amazing basketball crossover moves passing by two defensive players with the crossover followed by the double cross and finished with the left hand layup. Kawhi Leonard from Spurs made fantastic back spin fade-away jump shot and took No. 8. On the No. 7 in the Best NBA crossovers countdown we can see a three pointer from Mike Conley and basketball crossover used over the screen in the pick and roll. Man down crossover from Jason Terry is amazing, Steph Curry try to stop him from the week side and fall down on his back, deserved to be on the No. 6.

Original video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated so I have to put another video.Sorry about that.

Best NBA Crossovers Highlights Video!

Right in the middle of the countdown we have this year’s NBA MVP Stephen Curry and wonderful basketball crossover with the 3 pointer over the big guy. This by itself could easily be on the No.1 position, considering everything Curry achieved in this season. Crossover between the legs, in and out, crossover between the legs, amazing basketball crossover moves and you can guess who done this?! Again unbelievable Kyrie took position 4 and finished everything with the left hand layup through the middle at amazing speed. This is example of the best ball handler in the NBA. School example of the basketball crossover by Deron Williams, right hand layup and position 3 in the countdown.

Ok, this one is even hard to describe with the words, you just need to see for yourself. Position 2, Kyrie Irving and ball handling moves on the court. Simply Amazing!!!

Best NBA Crossovers - Playoffs 2015

And finally No. 1 and the winner is..Stephen Curry with amazing basketball crossover combo moves. Crossover behind the back, left handed in and out, crossover and the 3 point shoot over the hand. Made off course! Congrats! And that would be all from the Best NBA Crossovers in the Playoffs 2015!

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