Crossover Moves – The Secrets of Kyrie

Want to see crossover moves in detail? Kyrie crossover in 10 different ways, all in one video. Basketball best moves from one of the best NBA ball handlers!

It is amazing when you can see crossover moves step by step, especially if you watching in slow-motion. This fantastic video showing you just that. With detailed explanation for all killer crossover moves you can clearly see all the secrets behind.

Kyrie Irving top ten moves, and now after watching this tutorial, you can put them into your game. We can separate those moves in 3 sections. Crossover moves, finishes and step backs.

Crossover Moves

#10 The killer Crossover
Basically just double crossover with changing of speed and direction. Start with under the leg crossover, lift your chest up and hesitate. Step on your outside leg and cross the ball back over.

#9 In and Out Crossover
In this crossover roll your hand over the top of the ball, push it back out and cross the ball back over. It is an instant ankle breaker and works just every single time.

#8 Behind-The-Back Spin Combo
This moves a little tougher to get down but once mastered it’s absolutely deadly. Begins with a behind-the-back pullback. Next dribble is a spin move and that’s it. Only two dribble moves in this combo. Do it as quickly as you can.

Crossover Moves - The Secrets of Kyrie


#7 Spin Finish
On the spin put your foot as far as you can and cut the defender top foot. Keep the ball as tight as you can and close to your body. The tighter your arms are the faster you gonna spin.

#6 Contact Finish
Draw contact with a defender. Don’t wait for the defender to draw contact. You want to initiate the contact. Draw contact with your inside shoulder and hip and finish with your outside hand.

#5 Up And Under Finish
Show the ball high before you leave your feet. That will open the defender and make him lift their feet allowing you to finish on the opposite side. Put the spin on basketball so when it hits the glass it kicks towards the rim. Use the rim and the net to protect the ball.

Step Backs

#4 Under The Legs Pull-Back
When done right it is impossible to stop. Begin with the quick drive and plant hard on your front foot. Pull the ball backwards beneath your leg to create great separation from your defender. Pull up a jumper and that’s it. Works best when your defender is running with you hip to hip. It is an absolute ankle breaker.

#3 Crossover Step Back
Begin with your crossover as low as you can. Plan hard on your front leg and spring back to make a great separation. Take a step back jumper.

#2 Crossover Behind The Back
Begin with the lateral behind the back dribble, sideways not forward. Second move is a low crossover going back to direction you came. Plant hard on your front foot and keep your cross low. Take a Pull-up Jumper.

#1 Pull-up Jumper
Keep your heels on the ground to get that extra momentum generated because you’re not moving. Shoot with confidence.

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