Double Crossover Dribble by James Harden

This fantastic crossover dribble technique if done properly, can really break the ankles of your opponent. In the video above you can see devastating James Harden crossover with double dribbling and fantastic step back jump shoot.

How to do double crossover dribble?

James harden is one of my favorite NBA players. You can learn a lot just by watching his moves. If you analyze this basketball crossover move you can see that is a pretty complicated one. It is looking very easy and smooth when you watching James Harden but if you try to do it by yourself you will notice that is not so easy to do. See more about how to ankle break your defender!

So what is the secret behind those flawless moves which breaking the ankles of the defense player? There is no secret, you just need to practice hard and start to do it by segments.

Ball handling workout

Here is a list of basketball dribbling drills which will help you to do double crossover dribble. Starting with simple basketball dribbling drills is always a great way to learn more complicated crossover dribble techniques.


1. Basketball Crossover Drill – Low dribble

2. Basketball Crossover Drill – Touching the Opposite Leg

3. Basketball Crossover Drills – Push Pull – One Side Dribble

4. Basketball Crossover  – Wall Dribbling Drill


Practice these 4 dribbling drills every day for one week. Make 30 reps with each drill and you will get the better control of the ball. Those specific drills are segments of the double dribbling crossover you saw in the above video. Perfect them and you are ready to do double crossover dribble like James harden.

Double crossover dribble by James Harden

James Harden

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