Dribbling Drills For Basketball: Dwyane Wade Training Days

The Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade begins his on-court training with a series of dribbling drills for basketball and dribbling exercises.

Read this short excerpt from the interview with the Dwyane Wade where he’s talking about dribbling drills for basketball and importance of fundamentals!

Individual Dribbling Drills For Basketball

When I work out I don’t work out to get tired, I work out to make sure that things gonna work in the game. Sweat it, start your workout just on ball-handling. I’m repeating just a different motions over and over again. I’m starting my practice immediately with ball because, the bottom line is, if you can handle the ball well you are gonna put yourself in a great position in game to make great things on the court.

When I practice with my individual coach we start off with ball handling, every day, and really work both hands, where my left hand is as a strong as my right hand. That’s all. These wonderful basketball crossovers are coming from the every day workout. When we go to gym, we work on the fundamentals. You know, the great things that happening on the court will happen only if you stick with your training. And and other things, that you can’t teach really, will just come out on the surface. The bottom line is, you need the fundamentals and individual dribbling drills for basketball to put you in position to use greatness.

Individual Dribbling Drills For Basketball

So we always come in the gym and spent time on our ball-handling. We also spend time on the details and a shooting. We also try to read the game and watch a lot of film, probably before every game.

Dribbling Drills For Basketball - Dwyane Wade Training Days

I watch myself on the film and watching the fundamentals that are executed during practice, and once we see it all we go back on the court to tighten it up again. But you know, when you see something great on the court it is not necessarily something that we worked on. What we did to get to that point is our fundamentals that we do work on and on. Then your greatness coming in place.

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have these fundamentals in a sense that the they do everything right in a sense of footwork and how they pass. Even though, everyone sees no look pass, that happens once or twice a game. Do you know what you will see mostly in a game? Ordinary fundamental passes, thousand times!


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