EuroBasket 2015 Schedule: Croatia

EuroBasket 2015 Schedule for Croatia just been released. Check out schedule for Basketball Games of your favorite countries on EuroBasket 2015.

FIBA EuroBasket 2015 will be the 39th edition of the EuroBasket championship that is organised by FIBA Europe running from 5–20 September 2015. Basketball European Championship 2015 is spread throughout 4 Countries, Croatia, Germany, France and Latvia.

On 8 September 2014, it was announced that the EuroBasket 2015 tournament would be hosted in Germany (Berlin), Croatia (Zagreb), Latvia (Riga) and France (Montpellier), with each of the countries hosting one respective group during the group stage of the tournament. France will be the host of the knock-out phase and the finals in the city of Lille at the multifunctional Stade Pierre-Mauroy, which will have a 27,000 capacity. Wikipedia

Eurobasket 2015 Host Cities

EuroBasket 2015 Schedule-Croatia

EuroBasket 2015 Schedule: Croatia – Arena  Zagreb


Saturday: 05.09.2015.

15.00  Georgia – Netherlands
18.00  F.Y.R. of Macedonia – Greece
21.00  Croatia – Slovenia

Sunday: 06.09.2015.

15.00  Netherlands – F.Y.R. of Macedonia
18.00  Slovenia – Georgia
21.00  Greece – Croatia

Tuesday: 08.09.2015.

15.00  Slovenia – Netherlands
18.00  Georgia – Greece
21.00  Croatia – F.Y.R. of Macedonia

Wednesday: 09.09.2015.

15.00  Greece – Slovenia
18.00  F.Y.R. of Macedonia – Georgia
21.00  Netherlands – Croatia

Thursday 10.09.2015:

15.00 Slovenia – F.Y.R. of Macedonia
18.00 Georgia – Croatia
21.00 Greece – Netherlands

Eurobasket 2015 Tickets

The first part of the sale of tickets is available from 16th February and last until the 14th of March. In that period you can buy ticket packages for all five Games of the individual National Team in limited quantities. From 15 March to 15 April tickets sale go for individual games.

One ticket from the package is valid for all five games of the National Team. Be sure to store your purchased ticket because with one ticket you enter on all games !

Note: The “tag” of the National Team is on the package of tickets you  are buying. The Croatian national team matches , “PACK 5 games ( CRO )” . To match other teams select ( GEO ) for Georgia , ( NED ) for the Netherlands , ( MKD ) Macedonia , ( GRE ) for Greece and ( SLO ) for Slovenia .

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Eurobasket 2015 Place

All  Eurobasket 2015  games are scheduled to be played in multi-purpose sports hall Arena Zagreb

Eurobasket 2015 Arena Zagreb

Arena Zagreb is a multi-purpose sports hall located in the southwestern part of Zagreb, Croatia. The site also includes a building complex, the Arena Complex, making it one of the largest shopping-entertainment centers in the city. Address: 10000, Zagreb. Capacity: 15,200

EuroBasket 2015 Schedule: France – Arena de Montpellier


Saturday 05.09.2015

15:00 Poland-Bosnia and Herzegovina
17:30 Israel – Russia
21:00 France – Finland

Sunday 06.09.2015

15:00 Russia – Poland
17:30 Finland – Israel
21:00 Bosnia and Herzegovina – France

Monday 07.09.2015

15:00 Finland – Russia
17:30 Israel – Bosnia and Herzegovina
21:00 France – Poland

Wednesday 09.09.2015

15:00 Bosnia and Herzegovina – Finland
17:30 Poland – Israel
21:00 Russia – France

Thursday 10.09.2015

15:00 Finland – Poland
17:30 Bosnia and Herzegovina – Russia
21:00 Israel – France

All  Eurobasket 2015  games in France are scheduled to be played in multi-purpose sports hall Arena de Montpellier. Picture taken from: Arena de Montpellier Official Site

Arena de Montpellier Eurobasket 2015
Park&Suites Arena (also known as the ARENA de Montpellier) is an indoor arena located in Montpellier, France that opened in September 2010. It has a seating capacity of 14,000 spectators, with 9,000 for sporting events. It will host a group of the FIBA EuroBasket 2015. Wikipedia

EuroBasket 2015 Schedule: Germany –  Berlin – O2 World


Saturday 05.09.2015

15:00 Germany – Iceland
18:00 Spain – Serbia
21:00 Italy – Turkey

Sunday 06.09.2015

15:00 Serbia – Germany
18:00 Iceland – Italy
21:00 Turkey – Spain

Tuesday 08.09.2015

14:30 Serbia – Iceland
17:45 Germany – Turkey
21:00 Spain – Italy

Wednesday 09.09.2015

14:30 Turkey – Serbia
17:45 Italy – Germany
21:00 Iceland – Spain

Thursday 10.09.2015

14:30 Serbia – Italy
17:45 Germany – Spain
21:00 Turkey – Iceland

All  Eurobasket 2015  games in Germany are scheduled to be played in multi-purpose sports hall  O2 World-Berlin, also known as Mercedes-Benz Arena.

EuroBasket 2015 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena (o2 World Berlin until 1 July 2015)

The EuroBasekt 2015 – the European Basketball Championship – is to take place in Germany, France, Croatia and Latvia. The group matches of group B are set to be played at the Mercedes-Benz Arena (o2 World Berlin until 1 July 2015) from 5 to 10 September 2015. The German National team, which is part of group B, will have to face challenging opponents such as Spain (World Champion 2006, European Champion 2009 and 2011, runner-up Olympic Champion 2012), Italy, Iceland, Serbia (runner-up world champion 2014) and Turkey (runner up world champion 2010). www.o2world-berlin.de

Eurobasket 2015-O2 World (Berlin)

O2 World (stylised as O2 World) (for sponsorship reasons to be rebranded into Mercedes-Benz Arena from July 2015), is a multi-use indoor arena in the Friedrichshain neighborhood of Berlin, Germany, that opened in September 2008. Developed by Anschutz Entertainment Group, it was named O2 World, when O2 Germany purchased the naming rights. With a capacity of 17,000 people, it is home to the Eisbären Berlin ice hockey club and the ALBA Berlin basketball team, and is used for other ice hockey, basketball and handball matches as well as concerts. Wikipedia


EuroBasket 2015 Schedule: Latvia – Arena Riga


Saturday 05.09.2015

15:30 Czech Republic – Estonia
18:30 Belgium – Latvia
21:30 Lithuania – Ukraine

Sunday 06.09.2015

15:30 Estonia – Belgium
18:30 Latvia – Lithuania
21:30 Ukraine – Czech Republic

Monday 07.09.2015

15:30 Lithuania – Belgium
18:30 Czech Republic – Latvia
21:30 Ukraine – Estonia

Wednesday 09.09.2015

15:30 Belgium – Czech Republic
18:30 Latvia – Ukraine
21:30 Estonia – Lithuania

Thursday 10.09.2015

15:30 Ukraine – Belgium
18:30 Latvia – Estonia
21:30 Czech Republic – Lithuania

All  Eurobasket 2015  games in France are scheduled to be played in indoor Arena in Riga, also known as Arena Riga.

Eurobasket 2015 Arena Riga-Latvia

Arena Riga (Latvian: Arēna Rīga) is an indoor arena in Riga, Latvia. It is primarily used for ice hockey, basketball and concerts. Riga Arena holds a maximum of 14,500 and was completed in 2006. It was built to be used as one of the venues for the 2006 IIHF World Championship, the other being Skonto Arena.It has been home to the Kontinental Hockey League club Dinamo Riga since 2008. During the years the Arena has also hosted many well-known artists from all over the world. It will host a group of the FIBA EuroBasket 2015. Wikipedia

The order of games is subject to change for TV reasons.
The Eurobasket 2015 host countries  reserve the right to move their game to the last slot of the day.

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