Free Basketball Handling Workout

Free Basketball Handling Workout that will give you a number of basketball practice drills. Workout is set to 20 repetitions for every ball handling drill. With 14 basketball handles drills in total you will have an arsenal that will help you learn how to dribble a basketball!

List of 14 Basketball dribble drills included in this video:

  1. Pound Dribble.
  2. Side Jab with the left and the right leg, hand.
  3. V Dribble with both hands.
  4. Inside Out Dribble.
  5. Basketball Crossover Dribble.
  6. Dribble Between the Legs.
  7. Dribble Behind the Back.
  8. V Dribble-Crossover Combo Moves.
  9. Inside Out-Crossover Combo Moves.
  10. Double Crossover Dribble.
  11. Between the Legs/Crossover Combo.
  12. Double Between the Legs Dribbling.
  13. Between the Legs-Behind the Back Combo.
  14. Double Behind the Back and Behind the Back-Crossover Combo Moves.

Free ball handling workout can be done in your garage or a basement. Actually, it can be done everywhere you can find an area with a hard floor. Do this workout daily for a 30 days or so, and you will have a tremendous increase in your ball control! Find more information at Basketball Handling Workout.

Free Basketball Handling Workout

Intensity of Basketball Handling Workout

Not every basketball handling workout is created the same way. Number of workouts can make you better in your overall dribbling skills. Some of them are more intense and will improve your dribbling technique and your conditioning. Both types of those basketball handling workouts are fine and you need to enlist them both in your ball handling workout routine, equally.

This particular dribbling workout in the video above is created to improve both of those things. It includes 5 minutes of constant dribbling. To accomplish both tasks there are two things you need to be aware of:

1.You must give 100% from yourself while performing those drills.
2. You need to step out of your comfort zone and let yourself loose the ball often. That way you will accomplish better skills and you will improve your conditioning.

How will you know that you get the job done? Simply, you will be totally exhausted at the end of the drill. Those 5 minutes will suck everything right out of you. If you want to be the best you must give a 110%, because 100% sometimes is not enough. This is the way of the Warrior!

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To your success..

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