How To Ankle Break?

Learn how to ankle break your defender in basketball with hesitation move!See exactly how to plant your front foot to do ankle break crossover in basketball. If you want to break ankles, you have to understand that this is not something that will be easy to do. Luckily, there are some important things that you need to understand and implement next time when you are practicing your moves in basketball training.

However if you follow some important details you will have a much better chance to ankle break someone nasty.
The key is to get a good speed and convince the defender that you are going in one direction, before you switch to a completely another direction with your crossover move. To be able to do a quick change of direction you need to stop for a split of a second and plant your front foot. Having some speed going you will make it almost impossible to your defender to follow you and keep the balance at the same time. This will cause him to go of balance and trip over his own feet, or even slip and fall, and as we like to say, break ankles. If you can connect those few important things and perform crossovers basketball moves with your body and the ball at the reasonable speed, you will become a viscous ankle breaker.

How To Ankle Break Tips

Make sure to practice your your change of direction without the ball. Also do your handles with the basketball every day. Those are two separate things that will make your progress faster. Once you are comfortable in your ankle break basketball performance, connect those moves in on perfect and nasty ankle breaking crossover. Now you know how to ankle break.

How To Ankle Break

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