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James Harden Cover photo for the Sports Illustrated. You already know ,if you visiting basketballcrossover.net that I like to write about James Harden. Here is a little bit different story than usually, and this time is about shooting, (making) of the cover photo for the Sports Illustrated magazine with James Harden as a role model.

James Harden cover of the Sports Illustrated

Shooting a Skyline Portrait of NBA Star James ‘The Beard’ Harden

I’ve dreamed about shooting Houston Rockets guard James Harden for a long time. How can you go wrong with that beard? He’s just awesome looking. I wanted to pose him with ZZ Top for the last couple of years — or at least with Billy Gibbons — but alas, no one has bitten on that idea yet. (You hear that Texas Monthly? It would be a great cover. Trust me.)

Anyway, the call finally came some weeks ago from Sports Illustrated. Harden had a super tight schedule with the All-Star Break coming up, and the editor asked if we could put together something with the iconic Houston skyline with only 24 hours notice.

I suggested a view from the traditional western side — there are great spots along Allen Parkway and Memorial Drive where the buildings separate and line up well. Yes, it’s been done, but it really is a great angle.

We had an audience for the shoot, including Harden’s bodyguard, his nephew and mom (who’s a fun lady!), my wife, who was shooting some BTS video for us, the Rockets media relations director, and finally, James himself. He was a little early, so we got the plain backdrop out of the way first, and then moved on to the plexi platform. Read more..

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