James Harden Dribbling Drills and Moves

Wanna dribble like James Harden? Almost NBA MVP, James Harden is one of the best basketball players in NBA. James Harden Dribbling Drills finally revealed! From basic crossover moves to the more complex basketball moves, through this basketball dribbling drills video you will learn how to do 4 core James Harden offensive moves.

James Harden Dribbling Drills Revealed

James Harden Dribbling Drills

Between-the-legs crossovers
Lets start wit the basic move. James harden basic dribbling move is a combo move of the two between-the-legs crossovers. This is the first thing you need to overcome and you should practice this dribble separately. Harden is closing to the defensive player with the high dribble. Once he gets low, he does between-the-legs crossover two times in the row. That way he is setting up defensive player and read his moves and reactions. From this move James harden can go anywhere and the defense never know what is coming next.

James Harden Step Back
This is the one of the most used moves by James. And usually he does the step-back pull up jumper after his basic move. So it will go like this: between the legs crossover-between the leg crossover-step back-pull up jumper. While he’s doing the basic move it’s like he’s sleeping off his defensive player, and then suddenly, he makes the step back pull-up jumper.

Drop Cross
Drop cross is another move in James’s arsenal. It can be done in high-speed in transition, open court or a fast break. The key is like in every basketball crossover to fake the defensive player. Convince him than you are going in one direction and then with the drop cross you switch the ball and leave in opposite direction. Things are little different here than in ordinary basketball crossover. When you drop the ball on the left side, with your right hand, you doing a jab step to the right side at the same time. Plant your right foot to the right while you dropping the basketball to the left. Than again, after the right jab step you switch the direction and going left, dribbling with your left hand. Use your shoulders and upper body to trick the defensive player. It will be clear to you after you watch the video above.

Counter move
When you learn how to do a drop cross you can add another dribbling move to it. Connect your drop cross with another crossover.This is a combo move and it is an upgrade. You will use this combo if the defense starts to read your original drop cross move.

James Harden Drop Cross followed by the Eurostep
This is a great combination and you can also do this move in the high-speed. It is impossible for defense to stop this move if they back paddling. It is a great combination for the fast break finishes. Be sure to perfect the drop cross and euro step separately and then start to combine those two moves. Basketball dribbling drills should always start with simple ones. Step by step dribble by dribble.

Here is how to do a eurostep in basketball like James Harden:

Basketball Footwork Drills

James Harden Eurostep
If you ever try to do a euro step but didn’t know what is really important to trick the defense, watch the video. James harden Eurostep breakdown. See in detail what you need to do and how to practice your basketball footwork to learn this killer move.
TIP: Basketball footwork drills like agility ladder drills will improve your performance of the eurostep and crossover moves.

All those drills are individual basketball drills and you can practice them every time you are alone on the basketball court. Hope you enjoyed in this breakdown of the James Harden Dribbling Drills and moves. Please share if you liked this post. If you want to know more and you need more dribbling drills read this post: How To Ankle Break

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