Killer Crossovers-Basketball Crossovers Video

Watch basketball crossovers video where Steve Blake destroys Evan Turner with two identical killer crossovers:
See above..

Now you can clearly see the fake move in this killer crossovers. Pay attention on the defense player as he throw himself in the right side while offensive player switches to the left. Notice the hesitation in the split second and then strong change of direction and driving to the basket. Same thing happened in the second killer crossover which he finishes with pull up jumper. This is a proof that once you learn how to do a crossover you can trick your defense over and over again with the same move.

In this basketball crossover video we have two main basketball crossover moves.

basketball crossover/driving to the basket/assist

basketball crossover/pull up jumper

As you know there is a great number of combinations possible when you master the technique of killer crossovers.

Basketball handling drills will help you to do best basketball crossovers. This is the only thing you need to focus on during your individual basketball training.

basketball sky is the limit

killer crossovers drill

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