Stephen Curry Crossovers

Watch Stephen Curry Crossovers, actually 2 crossovers in a row, with the 3-pointer finish over the big guy. Courtney Lee wont forget this because he fall down on his nose. And like that wasn’t enough, Stephen treated us wit another basketball crossover after which he scores a nice 3-point shot.

What actually Curry did to trick his defense with the crossovers?

Left handed in and out dribble followed by the crossover behind the back, that was the first one. Another one was a basketball crossover with the step back and the 3 pointer. Amazing skills from Curry. Watch more Stephen Curry’s highlights.

More Stephen Curry Basketball Vines and crossovers you can find here.

Stephen Curry Crossovers

Ok, if we want to be honest completely, Stephen Curry crossover on Courtney Lee was awesome. but if you look better it might seems that David Lee tripped Courtney Lee which resulted with the man down crossover from Curry. Nevertheless Stephen Curry crossover moves was nice to watch. Those are some of the Stephen Curry best crossovers.

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