The Craziest NBA Finals in History

‘Bloodshed to death’ – all you need to know about the craziest NBA finals in history

Tonight ends the regular NBA season, and rarely we had so many open questions before the last day as this year.

The Craziest NBA Finals in History-Westbrook and Davis fight for eighth place in the Western Conference
Westbrook and Davis fight for eighth place in the Western Conference

We currently have 14 of the 16 passengers in the playoffs with one open spot in both conferences. In the Western conference is a great struggle to capture the best possible starting positions before the playoffs. On the East is still open third and fourth place.

Tonight will be fun in the NBA. 28 of the 30 teams are playing, only the Los Angeles Clippers and Phoenix Suns are at rest, and seven games has a competitive charge. Something like that did not happen for many years.

The battle for eighth place in the East

10 days ago five teams were fighting for the last two places in the Eastern Conference, and in the meantime, some things are resolved. Boston has secured seventh place, Miami and Charlotte dropped out of the race, and in the race stayed Brooklyn and Indiana.

Indiana is in a better position as far as the ratio – have victory over Brooklyn, but worse mutual ratio. Of the three matches that the Nets and Pacers played this season, Nets were celebrated in two and that was enough to enter the playoffs with the same ratio as the Pacers. As for tonight’s opponent, the Nets are in a much better situation. Specifically, they are playing at home in their hall against Orlando, which has long been forgiven for the season so it could be said that the Nets, if do not win the Magic, do not deserve to enter the playoffs.

Indiana on the other side play away at Memphis. ‘Grizzlies’ have already had the playoffs, but they are in a battle – for better position in the Western Conference. Indiana looks good lately, have six consecutive wins, but Memphis is just a team that does not suit them – and both play tight in defense and do not allow the opponents to take easy shots. Playing in Memphis is giving some advantage to the hosts but injuries could play a main role – for Grizzlies, Mike Conley and Tony Allen will not play, and Marc Gasol is under question mark. Although Memphis has interest to get the best possible position before the playoffs, it is more important to avoid potential serious injuries. Therefore Indiana could have little advantage.

The battle for eighth place in the West

Nothing significant has changed in the last 10 days. Pelicans and Thunder are in the battle for last place in the west, and entering tonight’s game with the same aspect ratio – 44-37. The advantage due to better mutual ratio has New Orleans, but tonight they have a difficult task – to beat the Spurs who are in full swing.
Before 10 days you could read that Michael Jordan will once again return back on the court more likely than Gregg Popovich will play the last game in the regular season, but we did not count that the situation in the West is such a complicated and that the current champions will need to win in order to get better start positions for entering the playoffs. San Antonio was last week’s best team in the league and have 11 consecutive wins and the New Orleans will have a difficult task to win no matter they are playing at home.
On the other hand, Oklahoma has a lot lighter task in Minnesota and it seems that Russell Westbrook would manage to lead his team to the playoffs. Unless Popovich still goes crazy and decides to rest all the major players. But Pelicans are blew their chances against Portland – three-quarters they were in leading or have a tight, and then crashed in the fourth and missed the chance to go with one more win than Oklahoma.

The fight for a playoff position in the West

Here is a complete chaos. It is known that Warriors are first, Blazers fourth (as winners of Division), Mavericks seventh, and Thunder or Pelicans eighth . On what positions will end Clippers, Spurs, Rockets and Grizzlies deciding a lot of things that is almost impossible to predict.

What is known is that the Clippers, who have played their final game last night, may be the second or third, and that Grizzlies can take a fifth or sixth place. Rockets can not be third, and the Spurs can take any of these positions.

As for tonight’s opponent, Houston has nominally the easiest task because they are playing at home against the Jazz. We have already said that the wounded Memphis welcomes Indiana and San Antonio hosted in New Orleans, which is struggling to enter the playoffs.

The battle for third place in the East

In the battle are Chicago and Toronto. Although Chicago has a winning surplus and better mutual ratio of Toronto (they won all four matches this season), the Bulls must not allow Toronto to equalize the ratio. According to NBA rules, the first criterion in determining benefits in the placement of the two teams with the same measure is that winer of the division has the advantage. As Toronto won the Eastern division , and Chicago is second in the Central, then the Raptors have the advantage in case of the same ratio.

Bulls playing on home court against the Hawks, which lately is resting a lot of its major players, and the Raptors welcome the Hornets who have dropped out of combinations.

Schedule for tonight’s NBA game (bold letters are marked matches that have a competitive charge):

Toronto Raptors – Charlotte Hornets
Chicago Bulls – Atlanta Hawks
Dallas Mavericks – Portland Trail Blazers
Houston Rockets – Utah Jazz
Milwaukee Bucks – Boston Celtics
Minnesota Timberwolves – Oklahoma City Thunder
New Orleans Pelicans – San Antonio Spurs
Brookyln Nets – Orlando Magic
Cleveland Cavaliers – Washington Wizards
New York Knicks – Detroit Pistons
Philadelphia 76ers – Miami Heat
Memphis Grizzlies – Indiana Pacers
Golden State Warriors – Denver Nuggets
Los Angeles Lakers – Sacramento Kings

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