Two Ball Dribbling Drill Using Wall

This is a simple, one, and later Two Ball Dribbling Drill for Basketball, using wall. This basketball drill should help you in getting the better feeling when handling basketball.

Not only that is helping you to improve your basketball dribbling skills but also a shooting skills.

One Ball Basketball Dribbling Drill Using Wall - Right Hand

The point of this drill is to handle basketball with your finger-pads and not to let the ball touches your palm. It is impossible to perform this basketball dribbling drill in a wrong way. You simply cannot doing this with your palms, you must have a ball on your finger-pads and that is why is so useful drill.

One Ball Basketball Dribbling Drill Using Wall - Left Hand

Teaching you to a proper position of the ball in your hand , improving your wrist movement and gaining the great handle of the basketball.

Two Ball Dribbling Drill Using Wall - Basketball

Two Ball Dribbling Drill on The Wall

Face the wall with your feet 20-30 centimeters ( 10-12 inches) from the wall, dribble little bit above your head, exactly like in shooting form, and be sure to repeat this drill with each hand. After you complete this drill with each hand, take the second ball and do it with both hands at the same time. More to come…

To your success..

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