Wall Dribbling Drill Between the Legs

Another wall dribbling drill which I found to be very useful in improving your basketball dribbling skills. This particular drill is a little bit different from previous one because this time you dribble basketball between the legs instead just in front of you. Wall dribbling drill between the legs also require quick hands and decent control of the basketball.

It belongs to the advanced dribbling drills for basketball. Proper stance is important. Lower yourself with one leg 20-30 centimeters ( 10-12 inches) from the wall. Keep your head up and try not to look at the ball. Pound the basketball hard against the floor simultaneously touching the wall with your hand as soon as the ball leave from one hand to another. Increase the amplitude of the dribbling and dribble wide and low.

Repeat this basketball wall dribbling drill with each leg in front and make 30 repeats.

Basketball wall dribbling drills are a great way to have fun while you practice. If you don’t succeed at first push yourself harder and results will come quickly.

Ball handling workout is the only way to improve your basketball crossovers. Every basketball drill you found on this website is carefully chosen for one reason, and that reason is to teach you how to do best basketball crossover.

Wall Dribbling Drill Basketball
Wall dribbling drill between the legs

To your success..

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