Warriors Stephen Curry Crossover NBA Playoffs 2015

Warriors Stephen Curry pull up another devastating basketball crossover and the victim this time was Zach Randolph. Now Officially MVP and the best basketball player in the NBA, Stephen curry crosses up Zach Randolph with beautiful basketball crossover dribbling and score a three pointer.

Warriors Stephen Curry Basketball Crossover

Basketball crossover from Stephen Curry is a spelbinding. Just ask Zach Randolph about it.

In the third quarter of Game 1, Curry was just in the zone and Randolph fell victim to his magic. Trying to prevent a drive, Randolph rocked back on his heels which gave Curry the perfect opportunity to cross him up and then calmly hit a three-pointer. Sounds complex, right?

Not for Curry. Read more..


Stephen Curry News

Wardell Stephen Curry is officially pronounced for the best basketball player in the NBA and won a KIA NBA MVP award for the 2015.
Amazing basketball player Stephen Curry won this prestige title and a dream of every NBA player in front of the James Harden who finish this race on the second place with 25 votes against the 100 votes in Curry’s advantage.
Stephen Curry Warriors player deserved this title and he is continuing to lead his teammates to the possible NBA finals this year.

Warriors Stephen Curry

OAKLAND — Stephen Curry stood up there for more than an hour, thanking his family, his teammates, his friends, coaches and colleagues for playing a part in the MVP campaign that became official inside an Oakland hotel conference room on Monday afternoon.

It was, in some respects, the same kind of meaningful moment that we have grown accustomed to watching this time of year. The Golden State Warriors star has his own unique story, to be sure, having grown up as the son of a professional player in Charlotte, N.C. and made his own way in the NBA. Read more..

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